Vesache LTD

Vesache Ltd with the brand PET is a leading Bulgarian manufacturer of egg dyes and accessories with about 20% market share and an active portfolio of over 50 items

  • 1992:   The PET brand was established in 1992 as a family business with the main activity producing egg dyes

  • 1995: Three years after the start, an own workshop was built in the municipality of Velingrad

  • 1999: Together with the History Museum Velingrad we started the educational program "Easter hand-drawn eggs from Chepino region", which continues to this days. Exhibitions, workshops for children, exhibitions of folk crafts are organized

  • 1998  The company expands its business with the production of Easter decorations and gifts

  • 2002  Starts working with international trade chains in Bulgaria

  • 2002  The PET brand receives a gold medal for the overall activity of the exhibition "Choose the Bulgarian"

Leading Bulgarian manufacturer

over 50 items
Market share
Exports over 15 countries

Mission and vision

  • achieving the quality of products that meet EU requirements

  • development of new products and technologies

  • expansion of the market in the country and abroad

  • supporting the research of ethnographic museums in the field of Easter eggs

  • financing and promoting an educational program for children and their training in the spirit of Bulgarian traditions

  • popularizing and funding specialized literature on traditional technologies for written eggs


  • Technology

Constant development and implementation of new technologies and improvement of traditional techniques for egg dyeing

  • Portfolio

Varied portfolio with a wide range of Easter decorations and gifts

  • Flexibility

It offers the opportunity to produce custom-made products with great adaptability of the quantities

  • Prices

Competitive prices tailored to market requirements