Egg dye 5 glitter colors

Description: 5 colors glitter egg dye, gloves

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Instructions for use

Instructions: Separate each of the vials with the dye with scissors. Dip the vials in a glass with hot water until the dye is slightly liquefied for about 2 minutes. Shake the vials and cut their tips, put them back in the glass of warm water. Put on the gloves. Drip out about 10-15 drops of the dye of the color you like on one of the gloves and throw the dry egg over from one hand to the other for several times. For quick and easy drying of the colored egg, use the original egg carton as a pad or a plate.

Ingredients: water; gelatin E441, glycerin E422, colorants: Tartrazine E102, Carmosin E122, Ponceau E124, Erythrozine E127, Brilliant Blue E133; preservatives: Sodium benzoate E211, Potassium sorbate E202. Gold and silver foil: Aluminum, polyester


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