Easter egg dye 5 colors mother of pearls

Easter egg dye 5 colors mother of pearls

The package contains:  

  • blue
  • green
  • yellow
  • red
  • mother-of-pearl

For coloring 40 eggs.

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Instructions for use

  1. Cut off with scissors the blisters with the colours. Put the vials with the dye and mother of pearl in a glass with warm water until slightly liquid. Shake the vials to make the dye homogeneous.
  2. Cut the tips of the vials diagonally and put them back in the glass with the warm water. Put on the gloves. Put on them up to 3 drops of the desired colour and up to 3 drops of the mother of pearl substance.
  3. Put the warm egg in the glove. For some time throw it over from one hand to the other and back. The egg is ready. Leave it to dry and to cool. For pad use the trade packing of the eggs and leave them crossly on it.
  4. After the mother of pearl is over and there are still some dyes left, they can be used to draw on the eggs. Put on the eggs 1 drop from the dye (it must be liquid) and draw with a brush or with a stick.


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