Egg dye mother of pearls

The mother of pearls egg dye contains 4 vials: red, yellow, green and blue gelatin dyes, each of which has a pearl brilliance. You can use each vial to dye 3 to 4 eggs in a spectacular saturated color.

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Instructions for use

Разделете флаконите и ги потопете в чаша с гореща вода, за да се втечнят. Отрежете връхчетата на флаконите. Поставете си ръкавиците. Изстисквайте по 2-3 капки боя върху ръкавиците и размазвайте върху свареното яйце. При смяна на цвета, изплаквайте ръкавиците с топла вода.

Let the eggs dry in a porcelain dish without touching each other.

It is beter to use warm but not hot eggs while you dye them. If they are too hot - they can burn your hands if they are cold - they will dry out slowly.


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