Egg decoration pen with sedef - (P112)

Descripton: 3 tubes with sedef dye - pink, blue, yellow


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Instructions for use

Instructions Place the tubs in warm (60oC) water with the cap down. After it liquefies, shake vigorously. Open the cap, remove the water from the tip of the pen and put one drop on a paper to test it. Start drawing on a boiled and cooled egg. If the tip of the pen gets clogged, immerse it for 10 seconds in warm water, dry with paper the water and continue drawing on the egg.


water; gelatin E441, glazing agent: glycerol E422; colorings: tartrazine E102, erithrozine E127, brilliant blue FCF E133; iron oxides E172, stabilizer: potassium - aluminum silicates E555; preservatives: potassium sorbate E202, sodium benzoate E211; acidity regulator: citric acid E330



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